Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craft to do list

I am the queen of starting craft projects and never finishing them. I seem to have a hobby of collecting craft supplies. With the help of the internet there's so many awesome blogs full of craft ideas and tutorials. More than I can ever find time to complete but so many that I would love to try!
Some things on my to do list:
  • complete more washer necklaces. I made a few as last minute gifts for my daughters last day of school. Had her daddy stamp their names (that was hard!) on them and tied them onto long pieces of pretty ribbon. It was a last minute project and I didn't have anything else to use in place of the ribbon. I want to make more with cute scrapbook paper and diamond glaze (that stuff looks oh so much fun!), and more with names, words and pretty cords.
  • beach towel chair covers - hopefully I will complete my first one tomorrow
  • decorative magnets - I have a bag full of circle magnets that are just begging to be embellished
  • more post it note holders for desks. These were a hit during teacher appreciation and I want to make more.
  • Mod podge a cute storage box. not sure what my plans are for this box but it looks like a fun project to work on.
  • more notebook "purses" these have been a hit at birthday parties
  • candy sprinkle charms - just saw a tutorial for these today. I have everything but the epoxy (not sure if thats really what its called) to make these so hopefully I can find the last item soon to get started on these.
So what's on YOUR to do list? Please share! Inspire me with new ideas and keep me motivated to finish my to do list.

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